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When Precision and Accuracy Count

We provide a full range of accounting and audit supports to ensure that, as manager, investor, lender, acquirer or owner, you remain confident that the enterprise can conduct its affairs -- and plan for future contingencies and investments -- armed with books and records that fairly and accurately represent the condition of the business.

We routinely analyze books and records, financial statements and reports of condition for accuracy, for completness and for compliance with regulatory and industry standards. We also analyze record-keeping and accounting systems, hardware and software capabilities and the qualifications of the people who use them, to ensure that your business has in place the infrastructure appropriate to its business -- and appropriate to enterprise risk.

As a PCAOB-registered audit firm, we can help when your company goes public, perform broker-dealer audits and AICPA peer reviews, ensure the accuracy of public financial statements free from material misstatement or error, test and verify transactions and entries, and assist with SEC reporting obligations.  


We are particularly expert in assessing the adequacy of internal control systems and rooting out vulnerabilities that can lead to fraud or manipulations of financial reports.  


And if you need a review or attest -- we can do that too.

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